AMD Athlonx4 845 Review

AMD Athlonx4 845 Review

SuperPi and Cinebench

We start from the CPU test in SuperPi. SuperPi is an ancient Pi calculators without using any modern instructions. It stresses on interger and x87 floating resources as well as memory latency.

superpi-1M superpi-8M

Athlon x4 845 offered more than 10% architectural improvement over the older A8-7600 at 1M, the improvement extended to 20% at 8M.

Cinebench R15 renders a scene with the use of SSE instructions. It loves threads and IPC.

Cinebench-ST Cinebench-MT

There was a modest gain of Excavator over Kaveri in both single-thread and multi-thread tests. The higher gain in stock clock was probably due to the freed power budget from the disabled iGPU.